About Us

Web Design and Hosting Company based in South Devon providing value for money website hosting, design and creation.

The story so far...

It started with an O-Level and a BBC Micro, a ZX81 at home (with a 1k expansion pack!) then the 48k Spectrum. The first program, 10 PRINT HELLO, 20 GOTO 10. This filled the screen with the word HELLO. I was captivated by the potential of I.T. There was talk of modems, telecommunications, computers talking to computers over networks. And this was only a little over 30 years ago. Computers arrived in the workplace then into peoples homes, next came the Internet and the dot com boom. Websites were static HTML and before too long if you wanted to be taken seriously you had to have a website. Then it all went dynamic, server side code generating dynamic websites suggesting a more tailored approach and a new word arrived e-commerce. People sought interactivity, applications were born. Hello web 2.0 and hello social media. Exponential growth, users now measured in billions and an age where it's hard to get by without access to the Internet.

Today, websites have the same fundamentals, they should provide essential information. We’re in the midst of an information revolution so your website at the very least needs to be current and relevant. HTTPS, security has become vital, SEO (search engine optimisation) imperative. Driving your website up through the page rankings is a lifeline for getting your website seen. To some SEO is about survival. It's also vital that your website is responsive. Unless of course you are tailoring a particular service to a traditional PC but stats show that majorities access the Internet ‘on the go’ so your website has to look good and operate well on all devices.

The evolution of the Internet so far has been fast paced and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Change and adaptation is a constant, predicting future trends is tricky because this revolution is far from over. It may even be described as in its infancy.

We build 'bootstrap' responsive websites, static, fast, optimised. We also build dynamic sites on content management frameworks such as Wordpress or Concrete5. We also build bespoke dynamic websites or web applications usually with PHP code. Version 7 of which being blisteringly fast and encouragingly secure. We also provide secure HTTPS websites, essential for ecommerce, for both tangible or intangible products. In any case, websites can be tailored to your business needs, it’s what we do. Everything from a single page responsive site to information infrastructures that need to scale.

We're driven by the success of clients, if we can help others to be successful we can continue doing what we do. We adhere principally to fairness and best professional practice. Indeed it is these things that are our constant aims and continual objectives.