Hi there!

First of all, thank you very much for choosing my design. This design has been made as a Shaun Inman hommage. Being a tribute - or a hommage -, this design tries to mimic Inman's distinctive "more-is-less" style. Fine gradients, soft drop shadows, consistent color use, fine typograhy and great CSS are typical for his style.

My design features at least two of these characteristics: it has drop shadows, and I tried to use colors consequently: I used white and different grays. Oh yeah, I used stylesheets as well: I tried to write simple, annotated and valid CSS.

About this design

This is one's intended to be a simple, accesible and lightweight yet spectacular HTML page template. For simplicity, here's this low-budget minimal look; for accesibility, you can use acces keys, and the whole design is mainly a text-based design - text based designs usually "display" better in screen readers. For the view - described as spectacular as a text-based site could be - I used the soft drop shadows mentioned above. I hope you like it.

I used only a couple of images for to reasons:

  • to make this template lightweight
  • to make is harder to screw up

How much is this template?

It's completely free. If you like my design, use it anyway you want to. You can reuse any part of this template: the images, the HTML source or the stylesheet.


Which of the browsers support this design?

I've built this design on a Wintel PC, and I tested this HTML page in Opera 7 and 8, Firefox 0.8 and 1 and IE 6 for Windows; and Opera 6, 7; Safari, IE for Mac. I also tested using Netscape 4.77 on Mac. Netscape and Opera 6 doesn't made it, Opera screwed up the background, but everything remained readble. Netscape Communicator totally spoiled everything. To solve the Netscape problem, I developed a second stylesheet which seem to work pretty well, but that one fixed the Opera 6 version really simply: we have no images for Opera6/Netscape 4.

I came across a weird Netsacpe 4.77/mac problem too: it refuses to render as html (maybe the xml-declaration?), but it works in netscape 4.5/win. Wtf?

The package contains two photoshop images too: one for the menu, so you can customize the letters in brackets (you have to customize the links and acceskeys with text editor or dreamweaver), or the fonts; and one for the icon with the arrow - you may want to change it.

Sorry for the grammar mistakes. Wbw:

Attila Gábor Talpai